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Really Stupid Stunt Play Video

Really Stupid Stunt 116 months ago

Some kid crawls into a small hole underneath the tracks and a train screams...

Hardcore Bike Crash Play Video

Hardcore Bike Crash 116 months ago

This guy goes off a big jump and does not land well. This resulted in a sev...

Loader endo Play Video

Loader endo 116 months ago

Not much to explain... it's an endo in a loader!

Boat Slams Into Bridge Play Video

Boat Slams Into Bridge 116 months ago

A boat loses an engine and is dragged down the river into a large bridge co...

Rich Kid Bad Burnout Play Video

Rich Kid Bad Burnout 116 months ago

Some stupid rich kid ruins a BMW 740i while attempting a burn out. Its ok y...

The Disappearing Car Door Play Video

The Disappearing Car Door 116 months ago

This is probably one of the coolest car mods I have seen. The side door lo...

Drunk Driver Hits Gas Pump Play Video

Drunk Driver Hits Gas Pump 117 months ago

A drunk driver falls asleep at the wheel and rams into a gas pump causing a...

Norwegian Kids Mess With BMW Play Video

Norwegian Kids Mess With BMW 117 months ago

Those same Norwegian kids who altered the train tracks into a roller coaste...

Kid Drives Off Cliff Play Video

Kid Drives Off Cliff 117 months ago

Some kid drives his car straight towards the edge of a small cliff and bail...

Cruise Ship Car Horn Play Video

Cruise Ship Car Horn 117 months ago

This guy was sick of getting stuck behind grandma going 40 in the fast lane...

When Drifting Goes Bad Play Video

When Drifting Goes Bad 117 months ago

A Mazda RX-7 at a car show attempts to do some drifting but fails. Someone ...

New Jeep Isnt Trail Rated Play Video

New Jeep Isnt Trail Rated 118 months ago

This guy in a jeep attempts to drive up a steep rock. He fails. Thats one J...