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Everyday, billions of people use a mode of transportation. Whether it is by rail, road, sky, or sea, people all share in travel on a daily basis. These successful trips don't make the cut for Break's transportation videos. Break focuses the best falls, accidents, derailments, and crashes in the transportation world. Whether it's planes, trains, or automobiles, these volatile videos will amaze and terrify even the most hardened video viewer. Before your next trip, be sure to watch these cautionary tales.

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How Not To Load A Truck Play Video

How Not To Load A Truck 16 months ago

If you listen close you can hear a little kid scream 'I told ya so!' at the...

Motorcycle Sandwich Play Video

Motorcycle Sandwich 16 months ago

Why didn't this biker just hit his brakes?

Biker Faceplants Into Truck Play Video

Biker Faceplants Into Truck 16 months ago

That's what you get for wearing a pink jumpsuit on a motorcycle in the rain...

Don't Park Like A Jerk Play Video

Don't Park Like A Jerk 16 months ago

Something tells me this guy couldn’t color between the lines as a kid eithe...

Close Call On Pikes Peak Play Video

Close Call On Pikes Peak 16 months ago

Had this driver made that turn any tighter she would of been booted off the...

Bubble Wrap Bike Invention Play Video

Bubble Wrap Bike Invention 16 months ago

Not a kid on earth that wouldn't want to ride the bubble wrap bike.

Nope, Not Safe To Go Yet Play Video

Nope, Not Safe To Go Yet 16 months ago

Maybe approach a little slower next time, check things out first.