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Guy Gets Run Over By Friend Play Video

Guy Gets Run Over By Friend 121 months ago

Some kid gets mad at his buddy and decides to run him over with his car.

Biker Hits Brick Wall Play Video

Biker Hits Brick Wall 121 months ago

This guy is having his buddy tape him while out on his first ride on a new ...

Sledgehammer Car Play Video

Sledgehammer Car 121 months ago

A friend of mine got revenge on another friend's car for wrecking his truck...

Tank Crushes Car Play Video

Tank Crushes Car 121 months ago

A modified Leopard 1 chrushes an Opel.

Declassified Russian UFO Tape Play Video

Declassified Russian UFO Tape 122 months ago

I thought this was a pretty interesting tape recently declassified from the...

Semi Truck With Spinners Play Video

Semi Truck With Spinners 122 months ago

Dont let any truck drivers convince you that gas prices are hurting them. ...

Amphicar Play Video

Amphicar 122 months ago

Our 1963 Amphicar got fixed up, fired up, and sent back into the water for ...

Close Calls Play Video

Close Calls 122 months ago

This is a compilation of a bunch of clips we have posted on our site over t...

Runaway Semi Tips Over Play Video

Runaway Semi Tips Over 122 months ago

A semi is speeding through a subdivision while being chased by the police a...

Roller Coaster Accident Play Video

Roller Coaster Accident 122 months ago

This is a clip of a two-seater roller coaster crashing into the roller coas...

Large Truck Vs Pole Play Video

Large Truck Vs Pole 122 months ago

These guys test out the strength of a steel pole by crashing a truck into i...

BMW M5 Vs Audi RS4 Play Video

BMW M5 Vs Audi RS4 122 months ago

This is an sweet video from the dashboard cam of a BMW M5 as it is racing a...

Bikers Get A Bad Rap Play Video

Bikers Get A Bad Rap 122 months ago

A couple of bikers are cruising down some back country roads when one of th...

Another Runaway Tire Play Video

Another Runaway Tire 122 months ago

A tire comes flying down a street and rams into a store. Watch the dude wa...

Biker Hits Deer Play Video

Biker Hits Deer 122 months ago

Now we posted two other videos of bikers hitting deers and both times it wa...

Bikers Get A Bad Rap Play Video

Bikers Get A Bad Rap 122 months ago

Apparently this harley rider feels the paved road doesen't suit his needs, ...

Crosswinds From A Jet Play Video

Crosswinds From A Jet 122 months ago

Its obvious that the winds created by a plane would have to be pretty stron...

Helicopter Flat Spin Crash Play Video

Helicopter Flat Spin Crash 123 months ago

Newschopper 4 goes into an incredible flat spin over some row houses and cr...

Plane Blows Beach Away Play Video

Plane Blows Beach Away 123 months ago

At Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten the runway is very close to the ...

Break Gallery XC View Gallery

Break Gallery XC 123 months ago

Break Gallery 90!!! A really pimped out car, alligator vs a deer, the hotte...

Really Low Harrier Fly Over Play Video

Really Low Harrier Fly Over 123 months ago

Damn! This guy stands about 25 feet below a harrier after take off. That ha...

Another Tubing Take Off Play Video

Another Tubing Take Off 123 months ago

It's a summer holiday weekend so for anyone going to the lake maybe you'll ...

Reckless Driver Hits Mother Play Video

Reckless Driver Hits Mother 123 months ago

A dude is trying to outrun the cops and goes the wrong way on the offramp. ...

Crazy Driver Play Video

Crazy Driver 123 months ago

Some dude jumps in a BMW and gets up to 160MPH on the highway in the middle...

Race Car Rams Into Tree Play Video

Race Car Rams Into Tree 123 months ago

A race car tries to take a corner at a high speed and slides into a tree hi...