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Idiot Drag Racer Crashes Play Video

Idiot Drag Racer Crashes 113 months ago

Is that Billy Joel behind the wheel? Perhaps Lindsay Lohan? This idiot drag...

Highway Karma Car Crash Play Video

Highway Karma Car Crash 113 months ago

Bank robber crashes in the middle of a high speed chase. This is what the n...

Bus In Tunnel Hogs Road Play Video

Bus In Tunnel Hogs Road 113 months ago

This Bus is a serious road hog. Share the road man! I dont know what is act...

Running Out Of Gas Mid-Flight Play Video

Running Out Of Gas Mid-Flight 113 months ago

What do you do if you run out of gas mid-flight? After you soil yourself yo...

Double Decker Bus Mishap Play Video

Double Decker Bus Mishap 113 months ago

This double decker bus in London smashes into a low hanging bridge. I hope ...

Air Show Near Miss Play Video

Air Show Near Miss 113 months ago

These two planes have a very close call. Are airshows like Nascar races whe...

Off Roading Takes Bad Turn Play Video

Off Roading Takes Bad Turn 113 months ago

Everyone was so excited to have a weekend away from work. They saved up to ...

Best Mountain Biker Ever Play Video

Best Mountain Biker Ever 114 months ago

I could be wrong but I think the guest is introduced as the best mountain b...

Awesome Homemade Hovercraft Play Video

Awesome Homemade Hovercraft 114 months ago

Check out this sweet homemade hovercraft. These guys rule! Someone's gotta ... Picture Gallery XL View Gallery Picture Gallery XL 118 months ago

Thanks to everyone who submitted all the photos for this gallery. Make sure... Picture Gallery XXV View Gallery Picture Gallery XXV 125 months ago

Well, its been nearly a month since our last gallery. Sorry for the delay....

Bus Crashes Play Video

Bus Crashes 135 months ago

A bus dodges a car and then begins to swerve out of control. This movie is...