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Slow Motion

Seeing something in slow motion is to see it in a whole new light. Slowing something down by thousands of times and increasing the frame rate of film into the thousands makes even the most unremarkable event a sight to behold. Break's slow motion videos feature the simplest acts seen in this dazzling new way. From water balloons popping and golf balls being hit to bullets fired from a gun, these simple slow motion clips will give you a new appreciation for the everyday events in your life. Not that everyone fires a gun every day.

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A Trillion FPS Camera Play Video

A Trillion FPS Camera 36 months ago

Scientists in MIT's Medialab created a camera capable of shooting 1 Trillio...

Slow Motion Destruction Play Video

Slow Motion Destruction 53 months ago

These guys use a super-high FPS camera and capture amazing shots of a bunch...

Lightning in Super Slow Mo Play Video

Lightning in Super Slow Mo 77 months ago

Ok I wasnt expecting this to be very cool but honestly I was pretty impress...

Funny Slow Motion Punches Play Video

Funny Slow Motion Punches 80 months ago

A bunch of people getting punched in the face in super slow motion.

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender Play Video

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender 82 months ago

Ultra slow motion footage of a tomato in a blender. Very cool to watch actu...

Dude Gets Hit By Oncoming Car Play Video

Dude Gets Hit By Oncoming Car 92 months ago

A guy gets crushed by a hi-speed oncoming car as he is walking across the s...