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Electronics have made huge advances in the past few decades. Items formerly possible only in science fiction are now used everyday by billions of people around the globe. Cell phones, laptops, and 3D TV's that can be hung like paintings are but a few examples of how electronics have evolved. Break covers the latest innovations from the major electronics conferences and studies the latest trends, all in an effort to bring the best coverage of the newest and most advanced personal devices ever created. So, for the latest sci-fi technology stay tuned to Break's electronics videos.

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Sexy Lingerie Hologram Play Video

Sexy Lingerie Hologram 26 months ago

The future of advertising is starting to look a lot less annoying.

Insanely Cool Machine Play Video

Insanely Cool Machine 27 months ago

So what will be the starting price on a machine that can make anything?

Coffee Faucet Play Video

Coffee Faucet 28 months ago

If there were ever a time to say 'shut up and take my money' this is that t...

Human Flight Play Video

Human Flight 28 months ago

In 2006, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy became the first and only man in the hi...

Scramble With Friends Play Video

Scramble With Friends 29 months ago

A lot of people were complaining about this dude cheating on Scramble With ...

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey Play Video

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey 29 months ago

This dude gets scammed purchasing a cheap iPhone 4s while in Turkey. Every...

TED Video From The Future Play Video

TED Video From The Future 30 months ago

TED is about ideas that may eventually change our future. So what might a ...

Mind Blowing Technology Play Video

Mind Blowing Technology 30 months ago

A corporation in Burlington, Massachusetts has built a copy machine capable...

The Robotic Dog Sitter Play Video

The Robotic Dog Sitter 30 months ago

An engineer working for Microsoft built a remotely operated robot so that h...

Swarm Of Nano Quadrotors Play Video

Swarm Of Nano Quadrotors 31 months ago

Less than 9 seconds into the video and I was already thinking, "Shut up and...

Water Powered Jet Pack Play Video

Water Powered Jet Pack 33 months ago

It's been on the top of my Christmas list for 4 years now. Maybe year 5 is...

Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Rap Play Video

Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Rap 33 months ago

Microsoft just called on their Windows Phone 7. They asked if you could ple...

Spherical Flying Machine Play Video

Spherical Flying Machine 34 months ago

The Japan Ministry of Defense has created the world's first spherical flyin...

Hearing For The First Time Play Video

Hearing For The First Time 35 months ago

For 29 years this woman has not heard a single sound. She has a Cochlear i...

Possibly Racist Rental Car? Play Video

Possibly Racist Rental Car? 35 months ago

Since this car has such a problem with the French, I'm going to assume it's...

MADDEN 2012 Play Video

MADDEN 2012 36 months ago

Are you ready for some football? Madden 2012 football… Ok, I’m not Hank Wil...

Student Loans Play Video

Student Loans 36 months ago

I myself get a lot of phone calls from Sallie Mae so I was ecstatic to hear...