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Electronics have made huge advances in the past few decades. Items formerly possible only in science fiction are now used everyday by billions of people around the globe. Cell phones, laptops, and 3D TV's that can be hung like paintings are but a few examples of how electronics have evolved. Break covers the latest innovations from the major electronics conferences and studies the latest trends, all in an effort to bring the best coverage of the newest and most advanced personal devices ever created. So, for the latest sci-fi technology stay tuned to Break's electronics videos.

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The Drawing Machine Play Video

The Drawing Machine 14 months ago

What is the first thing you draw after you build a machine that is capable ...

  Vice Doc: 3D Printed Guns Play Video

Vice Doc: 3D Printed Guns 16 months ago

Cody R Wilson has figured out how to print a semi-automatic rifle from the ...

S#!& Apple Fans Say, Part II Play Video

S#!& Apple Fans Say, Part II 23 months ago

Today the iPhone 5 will be announced and although nobody is certain what ne...

S#!& Apple Fanatics Say Play Video

S#!& Apple Fanatics Say 23 months ago

With the iPhone 5 official announcement coming on September 12th be prepare...

Robot Cocktail Bartender Play Video

Robot Cocktail Bartender 23 months ago

If there was ever a time we wanted to say 'Shut Up and Take My Money!' it w...

Foursquare - Dennis Crowley	Play Video

Foursquare - Dennis Crowley 24 months ago

While at school, Dennis Crowley created apps for smartphones that help make...

Best Buy Soccket Play Video

Best Buy Soccket 26 months ago

Best Buy. Making technology work for you. See more stories at

Sexy Lingerie Hologram Play Video

Sexy Lingerie Hologram 26 months ago

The future of advertising is starting to look a lot less annoying.

Insanely Cool Machine Play Video

Insanely Cool Machine 27 months ago

So what will be the starting price on a machine that can make anything?

Coffee Faucet Play Video

Coffee Faucet 28 months ago

If there were ever a time to say 'shut up and take my money' this is that t...