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Electronics have made huge advances in the past few decades. Items formerly possible only in science fiction are now used everyday by billions of people around the globe. Cell phones, laptops, and 3D TV's that can be hung like paintings are but a few examples of how electronics have evolved. Break covers the latest innovations from the major electronics conferences and studies the latest trends, all in an effort to bring the best coverage of the newest and most advanced personal devices ever created. So, for the latest sci-fi technology stay tuned to Break's electronics videos.

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Urinal Play Video

Urinal 12 months ago

Man it's a bummer when your phone drops in the urinal. Upgrade when you wan...

Camera Tracking Technology Play Video

Camera Tracking Technology 13 months ago

Now we just need something to keep people from taking vertical videos.

Awesome Gamer Girlfriend Play Video

Awesome Gamer Girlfriend 13 months ago

Get ready for any gaming date with the Sony Entertainment Network.

How Robots Run Play Video

How Robots Run 13 months ago

Pretty awesome technology are used to run the warehouses of Amazon.

Five Facts About Google X Play Video

Five Facts About Google X 13 months ago

Google X is probably the most awesome secret department of any tech company...

The Drawing Machine Play Video

The Drawing Machine 14 months ago

What is the first thing you draw after you build a machine that is capable ...