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Computers have single-handedly revolutionized the capabilities of the human race. From super computers able to map the human genome, to simple computers able to put a man on the moon these incredible complex calculators and hard drives have created new industries and made enormous wealth for the people on the ground floor. Break focuses on gaming and display advancements in computing. Providing exactly what the people want in their computer news and entertainment.

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Bug On Touchscreen Computer Play Video

Bug On Touchscreen Computer 40 months ago

A fly takes control of a man's touchscreen. This is why you always wait for...

Best PC Tablet Play Video

Best PC Tablet 41 months ago

Best PC Tablet on Newsfeed - Hewlett-Packard has announced that the Touchpa...

Laptop Security Software Play Video

Laptop Security Software 41 months ago

Laptop Security Software on Newsfeed - So some creepy guy stole your Macboo...

Lego Antikythera Mechanism Play Video

Lego Antikythera Mechanism 47 months ago

An ancient mechanical computer which was built to predict solar eclipses fr...

Macbook Air Vs M1000 Play Video

Macbook Air Vs M1000 48 months ago

If you've ever had a conversation with a Mac-owner about computers, you've ...

25 Epic Gangsta Fails View Gallery

25 Epic Gangsta Fails 51 months ago

Nothing says gangsta like taking a picture of yourself and putting it all o...

Microsoft Vs Java Trailer Play Video

Microsoft Vs Java Trailer 52 months ago

This might be a bit geeky for most but for those that get it it's very well...

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair Play Video

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair 82 months ago

On the heels of the highly touted MacBook Air, Apple Computers proudly intr...

Hard Drive Dominos Play Video

Hard Drive Dominos 82 months ago

This woman sets up a line of 1500 old hard drives and knocks them down.

Bill Gates Last Day Of Work Play Video

Bill Gates Last Day Of Work 82 months ago

This is a video spoof shown during the CES 2008 keynote by Bill Gates descr...

Kid Paints Picture In HTML Play Video

Kid Paints Picture In HTML 88 months ago

Alright, I admit you got to be a little geeky to appreciate this one. Some...

How A Computer Hard Drive Works Play Video

How A Computer Hard Drive Works 90 months ago

Pretty cool video explaining how a computer hard drive works. If only they ...

The Power Of Photoshop Play Video

The Power Of Photoshop 90 months ago

This video shows the real power of Photoshop by turning a big fat chick int...

Computer Dominos Play Video

Computer Dominos 91 months ago

After a dot-com merger completed a company had 82 extra computers lying aro...

Windows Startup Music Prank Play Video

Windows Startup Music Prank 94 months ago

These guys change the startup music on their friends computer to something ...

How To Hack Windows XP Play Video

How To Hack Windows XP 95 months ago

Pretty cool video demonstrates how to hack into Windows XP if you ever forg...

Shop At Home Moron Play Video

Shop At Home Moron 96 months ago

The same Shop At Home Host who cut himself with a Katana sword stumbles thr...

Looks Like Macs Crash Too Play Video

Looks Like Macs Crash Too 98 months ago

This is a hilarious bunch of clips from a Mac Conference introducing upcomi...

Microsoft Test Fails Play Video

Microsoft Test Fails 99 months ago

Dont you love it when a company like Microsoft spends millions of dollars o...