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Computers have single-handedly revolutionized the capabilities of the human race. From super computers able to map the human genome, to simple computers able to put a man on the moon these incredible complex calculators and hard drives have created new industries and made enormous wealth for the people on the ground floor. Break focuses on gaming and display advancements in computing. Providing exactly what the people want in their computer news and entertainment.

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Breaking Up - Sony 26 months ago

Breaking up shouldn't be so awkward. Presented by Sony VAIO.

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Hooking Up - Sony 26 months ago

Don't let hooking up turn into an epic fail. Presented by Sony VAIO.

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Insane Photoshop Skills 34 months ago

I don't think I have ever seen an artist give this much attention to detail...

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Amazing Drawing Skills 35 months ago

I'm not sure whether this chick is hot or if its just Photoshop.

Google Purchases Motorola Play Video

Google Purchases Motorola 38 months ago

The internet search giant Google agreed to purchase Motorola on August 15th...

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Bump And Grind Computer Crash 39 months ago

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Bug On Touchscreen Computer 40 months ago

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Best PC Tablet 40 months ago

Best PC Tablet on Newsfeed - Hewlett-Packard has announced that the Touchpa...