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Technology changes the way people work. From the way humans travel, to the way they communicate, technology drastically affects the everyday lives of billions of people around the planet. Break highlights the newest technologies years before they will hit living rooms and garages. From new computers, to cutting edge personal electronics and internet technologies straight out of science fiction Break's cool technology videos will never disappoint. So put up your rocket boots and 3D TV, and see what the real future will be like.

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German Robot Pole Dancers! Play Video

German Robot Pole Dancers! 6 months ago

Mankind's greatest achievement: a humanoid robot and guys will just use it ...

Stun Gun Drone Zaps Intern! Play Video

Stun Gun Drone Zaps Intern! 6 months ago

Is this the future of catching criminals? Or the beginning of our dystopian...

Android Voice Commands.avi Play Video

Android Voice Commands.avi 7 months ago

Android voice commands are very helpful for the users, which makes them to ...