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Technology changes the way people work. From the way humans travel, to the way they communicate, technology drastically affects the everyday lives of billions of people around the planet. Break highlights the newest technologies years before they will hit living rooms and garages. From new computers, to cutting edge personal electronics and internet technologies straight out of science fiction Break's cool technology videos will never disappoint. So put up your rocket boots and 3D TV, and see what the real future will be like.

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A Real, Working Transfomer Play Video

A Real, Working Transfomer 29 months ago

TAKE OUR MONEY! Also, let's make sure these things don't get too advanced. ...

Coffee Faucet Play Video

Coffee Faucet 29 months ago

If there were ever a time to say 'shut up and take my money' this is that t...

Human Flight Play Video

Human Flight 29 months ago

In 2006, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy became the first and only man in the hi...

Scramble With Friends Play Video

Scramble With Friends 30 months ago

A lot of people were complaining about this dude cheating on Scramble With ...

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey Play Video

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey 30 months ago

This dude gets scammed purchasing a cheap iPhone 4s while in Turkey. Every...

8-Bit Google Maps Play Video

8-Bit Google Maps 30 months ago

For April Fools, Google has announced its newest product: 8-Bit Google maps...

The Self-Driving Car Play Video

The Self-Driving Car 30 months ago

Google announced a project in 2010 where they wanted to make driving safe a...

Robot Recognizes Itself Play Video

Robot Recognizes Itself 30 months ago

I doubt they'll still look this cute once they figure out time travel and s...

Simple Homemade Engine Play Video

Simple Homemade Engine 31 months ago

This dude built a simple engine powered by a candle. Only wish he would ha...

The 12 Worst Apple Products View Gallery

The 12 Worst Apple Products 31 months ago

There's been many great Apple products. But for every great one, they had a...

20 Ridiculous Photoshop Fails View Gallery

20 Ridiculous Photoshop Fails 31 months ago

Here are more hilarious and really, really bad Photoshop jobs we have seen....