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Technology changes the way people work. From the way humans travel, to the way they communicate, technology drastically affects the everyday lives of billions of people around the planet. Break highlights the newest technologies years before they will hit living rooms and garages. From new computers, to cutting edge personal electronics and internet technologies straight out of science fiction Break's cool technology videos will never disappoint. So put up your rocket boots and 3D TV, and see what the real future will be like.

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Sexy Lingerie Hologram Play Video

Sexy Lingerie Hologram 25 months ago

The future of advertising is starting to look a lot less annoying.

Caller ID Play Video

Caller ID 25 months ago

What nicknames do you have on your phone?

9 Pretty Useless USB Devices View Gallery

9 Pretty Useless USB Devices 25 months ago

USB ports are great for jamming all manner of peripherals into your compute...

Insanely Cool Machine Play Video

Insanely Cool Machine 26 months ago

So what will be the starting price on a machine that can make anything?

A Real, Working Transfomer Play Video

A Real, Working Transfomer 26 months ago

TAKE OUR MONEY! Also, let's make sure these things don't get too advanced. ...

Coffee Faucet Play Video

Coffee Faucet 27 months ago

If there were ever a time to say 'shut up and take my money' this is that t...

Human Flight Play Video

Human Flight 27 months ago

In 2006, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy became the first and only man in the hi...