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Some sports are so extreme, so mind blowing, that even extreme sports cannot contain them. These amazing feats of athleticism have found a home in Break's extreme videos. Motocross riders hurtle through the air, monster trucks crush cars like tin cans, and BMX riders do triple back flips over chasms the size of the Grand Canyon. No exaggeration whatsoever in those claims.

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Awful BMX Faceplant Play Video

Awful BMX Faceplant 35 months ago

What does a fractured cheek bone, broken nose, and swelling of the brain ge...

That's Not How You Do It Play Video

That's Not How You Do It 35 months ago

Pole Vaulting seems pretty fun if you do it right. It seems utterly painful...

  Hang Gliding 360 Loop Play Video

Hang Gliding 360 Loop Break Classic

They say one of the most difficult stunts to pull off while hang gliding is...

Insane Wingsuit Base Jump Play Video

Insane Wingsuit Base Jump 48 months ago

Awesome footage from professional base-jumper Jeb Corliss highlighting some...

Crazy 85 MPH Moped Stunt Play Video

Crazy 85 MPH Moped Stunt 48 months ago

Before you wonder how anyone could perform a stunt like that without wearin...

Awesome Dizzy Bowling Strike Play Video

Awesome Dizzy Bowling Strike 51 months ago

With so much fail out there, it's nice to see a little bit of win. This diz...

Vertical Leap Fail Play Video

Vertical Leap Fail 53 months ago

This kid attempts a standing vertical jump over a track and field hurdle bu...

Stuntmen For Hire Play Video

Stuntmen For Hire 54 months ago

Put down a tarp before you watch the ...

Pole Vault Snaps Play Video

Pole Vault Snaps 56 months ago

The goal here is to climb to the top of the pole as it falls toward the oth...

Base Jumping In Switzerland Play Video

Base Jumping In Switzerland 60 months ago

These guys film themselves during a ten day vacation in Switzerland base ju...

Cheerleader Falls Face First Play Video

Cheerleader Falls Face First 61 months ago

The two girls in the middle looked pretty bad when they couldn't perform th...

Gymnast Falls on His Head Play Video

Gymnast Falls on His Head 62 months ago

A beginning gymnast lands in possibly the worst position, right on his neck...