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Crazy Bungee Jumper Play Video

Crazy Bungee Jumper 110 months ago

This guy grabs a bungee with just his hands and jumps off. At just the rig...

Motorcycle Stunt Gone Wrong Play Video

Motorcycle Stunt Gone Wrong 109 months ago

Watch the back tire of this guys bike clip a wall just after take off. The...

The Backward Bowler Play Video

The Backward Bowler 107 months ago

This dude learned to bowl backward off a bet and now has nearly mastered th...

Another Stunt Gone Bad Play Video

Another Stunt Gone Bad 107 months ago

This dude attempts an impressive jump over some cars but comes up about 15 ...

Gymnast Bad Landing Play Video

Gymnast Bad Landing 105 months ago

A young gymnast screws up her jump and lands directly on her neck. Watch as...

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes Play Video

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes 105 months ago

This is an absolutely amazing stunt, a guy does a flip off a huge cliff and...

Through The Legs At 200mph Play Video

Through The Legs At 200mph 103 months ago

This guy hits a golf ball and sends it flying at 200 miles per hour through...

Backflip Handspring Accident Play Video

Backflip Handspring Accident 101 months ago

When doing multiple backflips in a row you always want to check and make s...

Cheerleader Flying Tackle Play Video

Cheerleader Flying Tackle 100 months ago

Some poor cheerleader gets the flying tackle during a halftime show at some...

Basketball Shot From Bike Play Video

Basketball Shot From Bike 100 months ago

Im pretty sure these are the same guys who made the basketball shot from th...

Sweet Golf Cart Spin Out Play Video

Sweet Golf Cart Spin Out 98 months ago

My friends would agree I may not be the best golfer in the world but I love...

Nasty Wakeboard Accident Play Video

Nasty Wakeboard Accident 98 months ago

This wakeboarder has a nasty accident as he is being pulled under a bridge.

Gymnastics High Bar Accident Play Video

Gymnastics High Bar Accident 98 months ago

Some gymnast has a rough high bar routine, does anyone know what was suppos...

Very Impressive Splits View Image

Very Impressive Splits 97 months ago

Dont know about you but I am definitely turned on.

Amazing Base Jump Play Video

Amazing Base Jump 97 months ago

These guys jump off a mountain with wingsuits and fly downward just a few f...

A Near Perfect Faceplant Play Video

A Near Perfect Faceplant 96 months ago

Some kid tries to jump off the edge of a driveway on a bike but ends up fal...

Gymnast Has Rough Landing Play Video

Gymnast Has Rough Landing 95 months ago

A gymnast does an excellent job at running, twisting, and flipping. If onl...

The Circle Of Death Play Video

The Circle Of Death 95 months ago

This is a pretty sweet stunt. A couple cars and motorcycles pick up enough...

Rally Car Makes 171 Foot Jump Play Video

Rally Car Makes 171 Foot Jump 95 months ago

This dude makes an incredible 171 foot jump in his rally car. Its kinda we...

mountainbike dirtjump crash Play Video

mountainbike dirtjump crash 95 months ago

This might be one of the hardest faceplants all year. This guy doesnt pick...

Cheerleader Taken Out Hard Play Video

Cheerleader Taken Out Hard 94 months ago

Some cheerleader gets taken out hard by her teammate at some national champ...

Creepy Flexor View Image

Creepy Flexor 91 months ago

Makes me uncomfortable just seeing it.

Tumbling View Image

Tumbling 90 months ago

Gymnast Lands On Head Play Video

Gymnast Lands On Head 89 months ago

This dude hits his head against the mat so hard that it completely disorien...