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2012's Worst Faceplant So Far Play Video

2012's Worst Faceplant So Far 24 months ago

We're barely four months into the year, but I don't know if there is going ...

I'm Lovin It View Image

I'm Lovin It 24 months ago

McDonalds cups makes everything better

Amazing 86-Year-Old Gymnast Play Video

Amazing 86-Year-Old Gymnast 24 months ago

While she might not be as limber as she once one, this woman is still perfo...

Extreme Brah View Image

Extreme Brah 26 months ago

A dude on a bike in some kind of crazy ramp

Take That, Life View Image

Take That, Life 27 months ago

A person in a wheelchair doing a handstand

Awful BMX Faceplant Play Video

Awful BMX Faceplant 30 months ago

What does a fractured cheek bone, broken nose, and swelling of the brain ge...

That's Not How You Do It Play Video

That's Not How You Do It 30 months ago

Pole Vaulting seems pretty fun if you do it right. It seems utterly painful...

Handi-Capable! View Image

Handi-Capable! 31 months ago

A dude on a wheelchair does a handplant in a bowl