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Alpine peaks, fresh powder, and partying at the lodge at night. These are the things most people remember about skiing. Never mind that in effect skiing is strapping two planks to your feet and setting off down a hill most people wouldn't even walk down. Break's skiing videos show the peaks and valleys of this terrifying sport, from the crazy jumps to the worst skiing crashes. See what we did there? From bunny hill face plants to black diamond perfect runs, these videos are guaranteed to entertain. All without having to venture out onto a cold mountain.

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World's Largest Ski Jump POV Play Video

World's Largest Ski Jump POV 23 months ago

Welcome to Vikersundbakken. You can go soaring for 800 feet on this ski jum...

First Person Ski Jump Wipeout Play Video

First Person Ski Jump Wipeout 34 months ago

This dude gets some big air but zero rotation as his skis point to the sky ...

Backflip On Sit Ski Play Video

Backflip On Sit Ski 34 months ago

Josh Dueck broke his back and became a paraplegic while attempting a backfl...

Eleven Great Ski Fails View Gallery

Eleven Great Ski Fails 35 months ago

There are so many ways skiing can go wrong. Here are some of the best!