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Skateboarder Forgets To Jump Play Video

Skateboarder Forgets To Jump 38 months ago

When performing a skateboard trick that requires you to jump, make sure you...

Learning To Skate Play Video

Learning To Skate 39 months ago

This chick practices then lands a pretty cool skateboarding trick. Bonu...

720 Double Kickflip Play Video

720 Double Kickflip 41 months ago

Robbyn Magby pulls off an insanely difficult 720 double kickflip while bein...

Eight-Year-Old Kid Lands 720 Play Video

Eight-Year-Old Kid Lands 720 44 months ago

Eight-year-old Evan Doherty became the youngest person ever to land a 720. ...

Skater Vs Car Play Video

Skater Vs Car 52 months ago

If you are the owner of this car and were wondering how you got a huge dent...

Epic Skateboard Tow Fail Play Video

Epic Skateboard Tow Fail 53 months ago

I knew one of these two guys were going to wipe out but what an unexpected ...