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Skateboarder Forgets To Jump Play Video

Skateboarder Forgets To Jump 44 months ago

When performing a skateboard trick that requires you to jump, make sure you...

Learning To Skate Play Video

Learning To Skate 46 months ago

This chick practices then lands a pretty cool skateboarding trick. Bonu...

720 Double Kickflip Play Video

720 Double Kickflip 47 months ago

Robbyn Magby pulls off an insanely difficult 720 double kickflip while bein...

Eight-Year-Old Kid Lands 720 Play Video

Eight-Year-Old Kid Lands 720 51 months ago

Eight-year-old Evan Doherty became the youngest person ever to land a 720. ...

Skater Vs Car Play Video

Skater Vs Car 59 months ago

If you are the owner of this car and were wondering how you got a huge dent...

Epic Skateboard Tow Fail Play Video

Epic Skateboard Tow Fail 59 months ago

I knew one of these two guys were going to wipe out but what an unexpected ...

Amazing Skills 2010 Play Video

Amazing Skills 2010 60 months ago

Azo is back with his favorite highlights in 2010 that show off his mastery ...

Long Board Skate Fail Play Video

Long Board Skate Fail 60 months ago

This kid was on a roll up until he knocked himself out with the back of his...