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Epic Skateboard Tow Fail Play Video

Epic Skateboard Tow Fail 39 months ago

I knew one of these two guys were going to wipe out but what an unexpected ...

Amazing Skills 2010 Play Video

Amazing Skills 2010 40 months ago

Azo is back with his favorite highlights in 2010 that show off his mastery ...

Long Board Skate Fail Play Video

Long Board Skate Fail 40 months ago

This kid was on a roll up until he knocked himself out with the back of his...

Skater Cries After Nutshot Play Video

Skater Cries After Nutshot 42 months ago

I have seen nutshots that look far more painful than this but I have never ...

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard Play Video

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard 42 months ago

This chick bets she can jump both curbs and land back on the skateboard and...

Hi-Speed Longboard Wipeout Play Video

Hi-Speed Longboard Wipeout 42 months ago

The lead guy spins around just in time to take a 30mph knee to the chin.

Too Early- I Think Not View Image

Too Early- I Think Not 44 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of a Michael Jackson and E.T. graphic on a skateboar...

Still Not A Hoverboard View Image

Still Not A Hoverboard 44 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of a skateboard with lots of wheels

Skater Almost Gets Run Over Play Video

Skater Almost Gets Run Over 44 months ago

A skater steps out of the way of a speeding car at the last moment but his ...

Awesome Skateboarding Pastor Play Video

Awesome Skateboarding Pastor 44 months ago

Another priest gets too close to children, and the church just lets him sk...

Olly!  Olly! View Image

Olly! Olly! 44 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of people on a giant skateboard

Skater Slams Into Bench Play Video

Skater Slams Into Bench 44 months ago

Skater doesn't come close to completing a stunt and ends up ...

Cool 3-D Skate Compilation Play Video

Cool 3-D Skate Compilation 45 months ago

You're going to need to grab your 3-D glasses for this one. It's the closes...

Cross Ollie View Image

Cross Ollie 46 months ago

In This Photo: A guy dressed as Jesus rides a cross skateboard.