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Another David vs Goliath Play Video

Another David vs Goliath 114 months ago

Check out the size of this dude. The little dude is over 235 pounds. The ...

Ref Takes Down Fighter Play Video

Ref Takes Down Fighter 107 months ago

This is awesome. This dude gets his butt kicked and then after the fight t...

MMA Really Quick Knockout Play Video

MMA Really Quick Knockout 99 months ago

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chris Red Bull Willems knocks his opponent out h...

Choke Out By A Black Belt Play Video

Choke Out By A Black Belt 99 months ago

After absorbing a devastating kick to the face this poor guy gets slowly ch...

Brutal MMA Knock Out Punch Play Video

Brutal MMA Knock Out Punch 99 months ago

Just a few seconds into this fight a guy gets hit with a brutal knock out p...

Two Super Quick MMA Knockouts Play Video

Two Super Quick MMA Knockouts 78 months ago

When they promoted two-for-one specials at this fight, they weren't talking...

MMA Submission Of The Year Play Video

MMA Submission Of The Year 77 months ago

If this dude's were balls hanging on my neck for that long, I'd submit too.

Accidental Knock Out Play Video

Accidental Knock Out 76 months ago

It was a really good seat up until he was knocked out cold.

Sucker Punch Knock Out Play Video

Sucker Punch Knock Out 72 months ago

I guess it's not really a sucker punch if the dude you knock out blows you ...

Spinning One Kick KO Play Video

Spinning One Kick KO 55 months ago

The only thing missing from this ko is little birds floating around the guy...