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Real MMA ain't two brothers rolling around in the backyard inside of a cage made of chicken wire. MMA is two of the best trained fighters, at their physical peak, playing a game of chess in the cage. But instead of pawns and queens, they use punches and flying knees. A triangle choke spells check and mate for an unsuspecting fighter. Only the top shelf MMA videos make the cut for Break's MMA page. Featuring some of the world's most legendary fighters and highlights from the most recent fights, this spot has some of the very best knockouts, submissions, and flat out beat downs in the whole sport.

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The Greatest Comeback Ever Play Video

The Greatest Comeback Ever 16 months ago

Have you ever seen a better comeback than Kongo had against Pat Barry?

Nick Diaz Vs The IRS Play Video

Nick Diaz Vs The IRS 17 months ago

Guessing this video is not part of his MENSA application.

Knock Knock Out Out Play Video

Knock Knock Out Out 18 months ago

They walk alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even fall alike.

Doing Her MMABC's Play Video

Doing Her MMABC's 19 months ago

Kinda wish we could see what happens to the first kid who tries to bully he...

62-Year-Old KO's 24-Year-Old Play Video

62-Year-Old KO's 24-Year-Old 23 months ago

Jeez! This dude just got knocked out by a guy old enough to be his abusive ...

Quickest MMA Knockout Ever Play Video

Quickest MMA Knockout Ever 30 months ago

It took this guy 3 seconds to down his opponent. Also notice the sound of t...