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Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out 114 months ago

We are told the guy in the blue is Billy Banks from those Tae Bo exercise v...

Roundhouse Knockout Play Video

Roundhouse Knockout 114 months ago

Well, I thought this dude was doing pretty good in the fight until he gets ...

Cobra Kai Karate Kick Play Video

Cobra Kai Karate Kick 113 months ago

Apparently this is the first match for the guy farthest from the camera. Bu...

Kung Fu Knock Out Play Video

Kung Fu Knock Out 112 months ago

Kung Fu Knock OUT! Damn that looks like it hurt. Put him in a body bag John...

Taekwon-Do Knock Out Kick Play Video

Taekwon-Do Knock Out Kick 102 months ago

This looked like a pretty close fight until the guy on the right landed a p...

Black Belt Cant Break Bat Play Video

Black Belt Cant Break Bat 101 months ago

In front of hundreds of people this third degree black belt attempts to bre...

Karate Dude Busts Hand Play Video

Karate Dude Busts Hand 93 months ago

I thought this was hilarious. This guy is attempting to break a record amo...

Not the Next Karate Kid Play Video

Not the Next Karate Kid 91 months ago

Something tell me this kid isn't going to be accepted into Cobra Kai.

Nasty Knee Break Play Video

Nasty Knee Break 89 months ago

This guy does a take down during a karate match and snaps his opponents kne...

Pressure Point Knockout Play Video

Pressure Point Knockout 87 months ago

An instructor demonstrates how to perform a knockout using a pressure point...

Self Defense Dorks Play Video

Self Defense Dorks 87 months ago

Quite possibly the lamest self defense techniques ever taught. These moves ...

Brutal San Shou Knockout Play Video

Brutal San Shou Knockout 84 months ago

A skilled fighter comes at his enemy quickly with lightning-fast punches an...

Powerful Taekwondo Knockout Play Video

Powerful Taekwondo Knockout 83 months ago

A novice fighter gets overpowered by a fierce veteran, who ends the fight w...

Drag Race Double Crash Play Video

Drag Race Double Crash 82 months ago

When drag racers crash and a guy faceplants (all in one video) everyone win...

Capoeira Demo Goes Very Wrong Play Video

Capoeira Demo Goes Very Wrong 80 months ago

Normally, Capoeira is a stylized dance that's supposed to simulate fighting...

Karate Kick Direct Hit Play Video

Karate Kick Direct Hit 76 months ago

This poor dude gets dropped with a direct hit to the balls. Now I know thi...

Nunchuck Fail Play Video

Nunchuck Fail 75 months ago

This guy was doing really good up until the part he knocked himself out col...