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Martial Arts

Martial arts have been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately most people know them as actions in movies or memories from a tae-kwon do class they took in 2nd grade. Break's martial arts category features not only some of the best and most amazing feats of physical combat, but also the biggest mistakes and missed punches and kicks ever captured on video. So take classes to learn, and watch videos to laugh.

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Capoeira Battle Ends In Wall Play Video

Capoeira Battle Ends In Wall 39 months ago

Two shall enter; one shall wander away in a daze. The wall remains undefeat...

Cute Samurai Girl Play Video

Cute Samurai Girl 40 months ago

She does the exact same little hop/fist pump after beheading an opponent. I...

Stunning One Kick KO Play Video

Stunning One Kick KO 44 months ago

Thanks to the guy in the video, we now know that wearing an all-black gi is...

Tae Kwon Do Kick Fail Play Video

Tae Kwon Do Kick Fail 45 months ago

Not only does this dude nail his teammate in the stomach he tries again and...

Awesome Double Karate Fail Play Video

Awesome Double Karate Fail 46 months ago

Their black belts are just for decoration-- as are their new bruises.

Failed Karate Demonstration Play Video

Failed Karate Demonstration 47 months ago

A Muay Thai instructor builds himself up with personal compliments for near...

High Kick Win And Fail Play Video

High Kick Win And Fail 47 months ago

You can tell he's been attacking beers all afternoon. This is just the firs...

Grand Master Taekwondo Fail Play Video

Grand Master Taekwondo Fail 48 months ago

The classes Grand Master Taekwondo instructor shows the class how not to la...

Ninja Warrior Training Fail Play Video

Ninja Warrior Training Fail 51 months ago

So apparently ninjas are excellent assassins unless there's a playground ne...

Nunchuck Fail Play Video

Nunchuck Fail 61 months ago

This guy was doing really good up until the part he knocked himself out col...

Karate Kick Direct Hit Play Video

Karate Kick Direct Hit 62 months ago

This poor dude gets dropped with a direct hit to the balls. Now I know thi...

Capoeira Demo Goes Very Wrong Play Video

Capoeira Demo Goes Very Wrong 67 months ago

Normally, Capoeira is a stylized dance that's supposed to simulate fighting...