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Martial Arts

Martial arts have been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately most people know them as actions in movies or memories from a tae-kwon do class they took in 2nd grade. Break's martial arts category features not only some of the best and most amazing feats of physical combat, but also the biggest mistakes and missed punches and kicks ever captured on video. So take classes to learn, and watch videos to laugh.

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Kick Kick Boom Play Video

Kick Kick Boom 17 months ago

A flying foot to the back of the head will do ya every time.

Quadruple Kick Bad Ass Play Video

Quadruple Kick Bad Ass 18 months ago

Later on he shoots some dude through a wall with a hadouken.

Chloe Bruce: Lethal Weapons Play Video

Chloe Bruce: Lethal Weapons 20 months ago

Last week, we introduced you to Chloe Bruce, and you thought she was one-di...

Boards Defeat Karate Master Play Video

Boards Defeat Karate Master 23 months ago

This is... perseverance? Dude, you've created hairline fractures in both th...

A Female Ninja Play Video

A Female Ninja 30 months ago

Reports out over the last couple weeks that Iran has been training over 300...

The Karate Rap Play Video

The Karate Rap 31 months ago

It's 1986. Karate is big, and rap is becoming popular. It made sense to com...

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill Play Video

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill 31 months ago

This monk has trained himself to absorb kicks to the nuts, which means the ...

Ninja Nuns Play Video

Ninja Nuns 35 months ago

The sisters of this abbey took to martial arts to protect themselves from a...

Kung Fu Volleyball Play Video

Kung Fu Volleyball 37 months ago

The real name for this sport is 'Sepak? Takraw' but I figured Kung Fu Volle...

Chain Reaction One Kick KO Play Video

Chain Reaction One Kick KO 38 months ago

A judge gets between two competitors and ends up accidentally winning the m...

Crazy Martial Arts Demo Play Video

Crazy Martial Arts Demo 38 months ago

These guys clearly opted not to go through years of training. Looking crazy...