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Muai Thai Vs Taekwondo Play Video

Muai Thai Vs Taekwondo 6 months ago

The Muay Thai fighter thought he was doing rather well right up until he le...

Don't Anger This Woman Play Video

Don't Anger This Woman 10 months ago

This is one woman that you definitely don't want to piss off.

Bargain Basement Black Belts Play Video

Bargain Basement Black Belts 10 months ago

At this dojo you get your yellow belt just for maintaining your equilibrium...

Kick Kick Boom Play Video

Kick Kick Boom 13 months ago

A flying foot to the back of the head will do ya every time.

Quadruple Kick Bad Ass Play Video

Quadruple Kick Bad Ass 13 months ago

Later on he shoots some dude through a wall with a hadouken.