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There is a time in the fall, from Friday to Monday night, which is reserved for the greatest of all American sports. This is the time for football. The gridiron battle in which modern gladiators risk life and limb for fleeting moments of glory. Whether it is a high school superstar, a bitter college rivalry game, or a last minute Super Bowl field goal, these moments define entire years for millions of fans world wide. But true hardcore fans want to see the hardest hits, the most horrific injuries, crazy field goals, amazing and impossible catches and biggest mistakes ever made on the turf. These are the moments that live in infamy.

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Brian Urlacher Out? 34 months ago

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Cam Newton Touchdown 35 months ago

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PETA, you may now get pissed off again. The Philadelphia Eagles made quarte...

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Anyone who has spent more than five minutes watching viral videos has seen ...

Evolution Of Touchdown Dance Play Video

Evolution Of Touchdown Dance 36 months ago

Are you ready? Football is back and it’s time to get down. Judson Laipply s...

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Football Hurdle 37 months ago

It must be embarrassing when someone jumps over you, check it out!

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Terrell Owens Retiring? 37 months ago

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Trick Play Touchdown 45 months ago

A middle school football team in Corpus Christi, Texas pulls off an epic tr...