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Long Snapping Trick Shots Play Video

Long Snapping Trick Shots 32 months ago

A future USC football player created this impressive long snapping trick sh...

Every Fan of the NFL Play Video

Every Fan of the NFL 36 months ago

This is an accurate representation of what fans on both teams are going to ...

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36 months ago

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36 months ago

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36 months ago

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36 months ago

  Autotuned! Why?? Why, Manti? Play Video

Autotuned! Why?? Why, Manti? 37 months ago

Manti Te'o is still unsure whether this autotune performance actually took ...

NFL: Bad Lip Reading Play Video

NFL: Bad Lip Reading 37 months ago

Been wondering for years what everyone’s saying during the games, haven’t y...

Goliath 1 David 0 Play Video

Goliath 1 David 0 39 months ago

Just a wild guess but it seems like that kid has been held back a few years...

What the Hell is a Fumble? Play Video

What the Hell is a Fumble? 40 months ago

Don’t worry kids, premature celebration happens to the best of us.

Creepy Football Fan Stare Play Video

Creepy Football Fan Stare 40 months ago

Focus. This kid has it. Another thing he has? No plans for after the game.

Fartball View Image

Fartball 40 months ago

I guess you could say this defensive back got. . . burned?

Blow My Whistle, Ref Play Video

Blow My Whistle, Ref 41 months ago

Those scab refs may not know the difference between pass interference and p...