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Near Fatal Bridge Dive Play Video

Near Fatal Bridge Dive 82 months ago

A guy bungees off a 200 foot tall bridge in Alaska and smacks the ground at...

Pastrana Is Awesome View Image

Pastrana Is Awesome 84 months ago

Summer X is on its way, what in the hell is he going to do this time.

Pastrana Rules View Image

Pastrana Rules 84 months ago

What is this guy going to do for an encore of last years double.

Skydiver Crashes Into Ocean Play Video

Skydiver Crashes Into Ocean 87 months ago

A skydiver is on his first solo jump. He is being guided from his instruct...

Dynamite Surfing Play Video

Dynamite Surfing 87 months ago

This is by far one of the coolest videos I've come across in a long time. T...

Lucky Hang Glider Play Video

Lucky Hang Glider 87 months ago

If you were thinking about going hang gliding this weekend, you may want to...

Lucky Parachuter Play Video

Lucky Parachuter 88 months ago

This has to be the two luckiest parachuters in the world. They get tangled...

Flying Down A Mountain Play Video

Flying Down A Mountain 88 months ago

I am not sure where this was filmed but this looks friggin awesome. Somebo...

Catapult Skydiver Play Video

Catapult Skydiver 88 months ago

This dude creates a giant catapult using two huge cranes and launches himse...

Jumping The Peloton Play Video

Jumping The Peloton 89 months ago

The Peloton is a the pack of cyclists that are riding in a race. This guy f...

Snowmobiler Falls Off Cliff Play Video

Snowmobiler Falls Off Cliff 90 months ago

A guy climbs up the side of a mountain with his snowmobile and as he reache...

Salomon Wingsut Video Play Video

Salomon Wingsut Video 90 months ago

This has to be the coolest freaking sport that I have ever seen. A guy jump...

X Games Wipe Outs Play Video

X Games Wipe Outs 93 months ago

In honor of the X games which kicked off this weekend, here's an awesome co...

Extreme Base Jumping Play Video

Extreme Base Jumping 94 months ago

As it cool as this might be to do its got to take some balls to actually st...

Amazing Base Jumping Part 1 Play Video

Amazing Base Jumping Part 1 96 months ago

Here's a pretty incredible video montage of a bunch of amazing base jumpers...

Amazing Base Jumping Part 2 Play Video

Amazing Base Jumping Part 2 96 months ago

Here's part two of the amazing base jump video. The ending jump from a New ...


BAD LANDING 103 months ago

This base jumper has a really bad landing right in front of a crowd of peop...

Danny Way Jumps Wall of China Play Video

Danny Way Jumps Wall of China 106 months ago

This is an impressive video clip of Danny Way successfully becoming the fir...

Go Cart With Jet Engine Play Video

Go Cart With Jet Engine 106 months ago

Well, although these guys dont push this thing full throttle it was still p...

Car Sledding Play Video

Car Sledding 106 months ago

This looks so fun. A group of kids pull eachother from a car at high speed...

Surfing the Perfect Wave Play Video

Surfing the Perfect Wave 107 months ago

In the middle of torrential downpour some crazy dude tries and find the per...

Measure The Friggin Vines Play Video

Measure The Friggin Vines 107 months ago

This is a clip of a tribe in Africa who have taken up the sport of bungee j...

Another Successful Half Flip Play Video

Another Successful Half Flip 107 months ago

This guy tries too complete a full flip however decides in mid-air to simpl...

Thats Gotta Hurt Play Video

Thats Gotta Hurt 107 months ago

This is a repost. We actually received a high quality extended version of ...

Hey Guys Watch This Move Play Video

Hey Guys Watch This Move 107 months ago

This might be one of the worse BMX crashes I have ever seen. A guy tri...