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Riders Are Awesome Play Video

Riders Are Awesome 23 months ago

Just some incredible footage of riders landing amazing stunts over the past...

Base Jumping In A Church Play Video

Base Jumping In A Church 25 months ago

Sunday school at 10am, service at 11am, super dangerous indoor base jumping...

Snowmobile Close Call Play Video

Snowmobile Close Call 26 months ago

Snowmobiler stops just in time as the side of the cliff gives out and crash...

Wakeboarding In Alaska Play Video

Wakeboarding In Alaska 26 months ago

In water temperatures just above freezing Andy Hurdman wakeboards over the ...

Extreme Street Tubing Play Video

Extreme Street Tubing 28 months ago

Most of the time street tubing ends with some goofy kid hitting a mailbox a...

Insane Snowboarding Trick Play Video

Insane Snowboarding Trick 28 months ago

The Winter Olympics should be pretty cool to watch this year. I don't reme...

BMX Bunny Hop Backflip Play Video

BMX Bunny Hop Backflip 28 months ago

This is one of those moves that seems like it should not be possible and, n...

Surfing The Morning Glory Play Video

Surfing The Morning Glory 28 months ago

The town of Burketown in Australia attracts thousands of people per year to...

Wingsuit Base Jump In Norway Play Video

Wingsuit Base Jump In Norway 29 months ago

At first I thought this dude was nuts not wearing a helmet, but I guess it ...

Not A Very Good Base Jumper Play Video

Not A Very Good Base Jumper 29 months ago

Slamming into the side of a building during your base jump is a good indica...

Moab Swinglines Play Video

Moab Swinglines 30 months ago

Looks like I got another one to add to the 'Things To Do Before I Die' list...

BMX Biker Bites Big Play Video

BMX Biker Bites Big 31 months ago

Hey, biker. When flipping through the air, try to remember that landing on ...

Extreme Sports Compilation Play Video

Extreme Sports Compilation 31 months ago

Awesome compilation of athletes pulling off some of the most extreme stunts...

Extreme Sports Play Video

Extreme Sports 32 months ago

Incredible compilation of some athletes pushing their limits with insane de...

Dangerous Hiking Trail Play Video

Dangerous Hiking Trail 36 months ago

This guy made a wise decision. Those safety helmets being sold at the star...