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Referees, strict rules, and ridiculous uniforms are all outdated trappings of sports in the past; extreme sports are the future. From skydiving to motorcycle jumping, extreme sports have changed the way athletes are viewed. These athletes ditch age old institutions and replace them with cutting edge gear and nerves of steel. These athletes forge new sports through trail and error risking their health and happiness just for the thrill of the perfect motorcycle jump. So if adrenaline sounds better than Gatorade then get on the plane, or motorcycle, or street luge, bro.

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Motorized Surf Board Play Video

Motorized Surf Board 9 months ago

Real surfers are going to hate this, everyone else is going to love it.

Insane Pogo Skills Play Video

Insane Pogo Skills 11 months ago

This dude shows off some elite pogo stick skills.

Aaaaaand They're Off! Play Video

Aaaaaand They're Off! 12 months ago

It looks like they all finished at the same time.

First Person Bike Bash Play Video

First Person Bike Bash 15 months ago

The point where the bike leaves on its own is where he must have realized s...

Go Kart Then Go Krash Play Video

Go Kart Then Go Krash 16 months ago

It’s funny because they sound like lawnmowers!

Traffic? High Speeds?  Pfft Play Video

Traffic? High Speeds? Pfft 17 months ago

Just because nothing awful happens here doesn’t mean you should try it at h...