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Two fighters enter the ring.The well-trained pugilists circle and exchange jabs, scoring points to for the judges. Right hooks, left windmills, and upper cuts miss their mark letting the fight last longer than it should. Eventually as time runs out and a winner is crowned. If this sounds like boring old boxing then Break has something in store for you. Break's boxing videos feature some of the best knockouts, missed punches, and insane fighters in pugilistic history. All of the action and none of the dancing around in the ring that leads up to it. Theses clips are guaranteed to never go to the judges. It's a one punch KO all the way.

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KO In Four Seconds Play Video

KO In Four Seconds 29 months ago

When prepping for a fight, you believe you'll win, last long in the ring, a...

Win a Fight With One Punch Play Video

Win a Fight With One Punch 33 months ago

Eddie Jackson of Legends MMA Training Center (Los Angeles) shows you how. ...

Pacquiao Vs Mosley Fight Play Video

Pacquiao Vs Mosley Fight 40 months ago

This is a transcript of Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight This weekend on Newsfeed.....

One-Two Punch KO Play Video

One-Two Punch KO 41 months ago

This dorm boxing match is over almost as quickly as it began with a well-ti...

Entrance Win Boxing Fail Play Video

Entrance Win Boxing Fail 42 months ago

This little guy is Usman Ahmed Uzzy. Maybe he should just stick to being a ...

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold 44 months ago

This is the first and probably last time this dude puts on a pair of boxing...

Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag Play Video

Kid Loses Fight To Speed Bag 50 months ago

This kid is having trouble with bullies at school so he hits the gym to lea...

Tough Little Three Year Old Play Video

Tough Little Three Year Old 53 months ago

Pound for pound this might just be one of the toughest kids in the world.

David Haye KTFO By A Tiler Play Video

David Haye KTFO By A Tiler 57 months ago

World Heavyweight champion David Haye was knocked absolutely stupid by a ti...

Kickboxer Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Kickboxer Knocked Out Cold 59 months ago

He dropped him faster than a senior drops an 8 AM anthropology lecture that...

Young Boxer Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Young Boxer Knocked Out Cold 61 months ago

Two young boxers duke it out in this insane video. After a little quick st...

Worst Boxer Ever Play Video

Worst Boxer Ever 64 months ago

This fighter develops a controversial new boxing technique where you call y...

Boxing Double Knock Out Play Video

Boxing Double Knock Out 69 months ago

After a double knock out the boxer in yellow realizes that his opponent got...

Huge Two Punch Knockout Play Video

Huge Two Punch Knockout 70 months ago

This is a pretty one-sided fight that the crowd must've known would end in ...