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Two fighters enter the ring.The well-trained pugilists circle and exchange jabs, scoring points to for the judges. Right hooks, left windmills, and upper cuts miss their mark letting the fight last longer than it should. Eventually as time runs out and a winner is crowned. If this sounds like boring old boxing then Break has something in store for you. Break's boxing videos feature some of the best knockouts, missed punches, and insane fighters in pugilistic history. All of the action and none of the dancing around in the ring that leads up to it. Theses clips are guaranteed to never go to the judges. It's a one punch KO all the way.

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Cocky Boxer Gets Coldcocked Play Video

Cocky Boxer Gets Coldcocked 11 months ago

This fight was for extra gym credit so they could both pass 8th grade.

Talk Smack, Get Smacked Play Video

Talk Smack, Get Smacked 15 months ago

Just because one punch didn’t hurt doesn’t mean the next one won’t.

Must See Incredible Knockout! Play Video

Must See Incredible Knockout! 16 months ago

Danny Jacobs delivers an epic knockout punch to Giovanni Lorenzo to end the...

Mike Tyson Training Play Video

Mike Tyson Training 18 months ago

Not sure whether Mike Tyson excelled at boxing or craziness the most.