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Break picks only the creme de la creme of basketball videos for this category. Ignoring full court presses, 2-3 defenses, and solid rebounding, we serve up the very best dunks, buzzer beaters, basketball fights, shots and dime pass videos instead. These clips range from high school to pro games and extend around the globe with monster slams from international leagues. These basketball videos are all any lover of the game will ever need.

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Chick Faceplants Off Chair Play Video

Chick Faceplants Off Chair 11 months ago

She was the only one on the court that thought she could make that dunk.

Backflip Free Throw Play Video

Backflip Free Throw 11 months ago

Good thing this dude knows gymnastics because at 4'11" his basketball caree...

Greatest Game Of HORSE Ever Play Video

Greatest Game Of HORSE Ever 12 months ago

Legendary Shots challenges Brodie Smith in the ultimate game of HORSE.

Half Court Shot Wins Tuition Play Video

Half Court Shot Wins Tuition 12 months ago

This kid sinks a season opening half court shot and is awarded with a full ...

Gymnast Amazing Trickshot Play Video

Gymnast Amazing Trickshot 13 months ago

A female gymnast pulls off an amazing trickshot during a game of horse.

Spiderman Plays Hoops Play Video

Spiderman Plays Hoops 13 months ago

Now who did they get to dress up as Spider Man that could play basketball l...

Lebron LeFlop James Play Video

Lebron LeFlop James 14 months ago

Poor Lebron was born with cooked pasta for legs but he still got into the N...