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1. UCLA View Image

1. UCLA 23 days ago

UCLA may struggle against Florida in their next game, but at least both tea...

2. Florida View Image

2. Florida 23 days ago

Many consider Florida to be the best squad in the country. Their basketball...

3. Michigan State View Image

3. Michigan State 23 days ago

Maybe President Obama knew what he was talking about when he selected Michi...

4. Arizona View Image

4. Arizona 23 days ago

In terms of talent, Arizona can hang with any team in the nation.

5. Dayton View Image

5. Dayton 23 days ago

The true Cinderella story of the tournament is Dayton.

6. SDSU View Image

6. SDSU 23 days ago

SDSU has an extremely tough road ahead but they play well when they're the ...

7. Baylor View Image

7. Baylor 23 days ago

This team has played very well in the second half of the season, so it isn'...

8. Michigan View Image

8. Michigan 23 days ago

With Wichita State out of the way, Michigan has a real shot at making the F...

9. Wisconsin View Image

9. Wisconsin 23 days ago

Wisconsin is going to be a difficult team to knock out of the tournament. T...

10. Stanford View Image

10. Stanford 23 days ago

Stanford is a surprise but they are peaking at the right time. Another win ...

11. Louisville View Image

11. Louisville 23 days ago

The dream of back-to-back titles is still alive. And with their experience,...

12. Virginia View Image

12. Virginia 23 days ago

Virginia hasn't been this good in a long, long time. These ladies might be ...

13. UConn View Image

13. UConn 23 days ago

If Shabazz Napier can keep up his Kemba Walker impersonation, he makes UCon...

14. Kentucky View Image

14. Kentucky 23 days ago

Heading into the 2014 Tournament, Kentucky was having a rough season. But n...

15. Tennessee View Image

15. Tennessee 23 days ago

Everyone is shocked that Tennessee is still alive. It might have something ...

16. Iowa State View Image

16. Iowa State 23 days ago

With DeAndre Kane leading the way, Iowa State is suddenly a favorite to rea...

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