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Nets, bats, fields and balls. These are the things most people associate with sports. Here at break you will find the best sports accidents, MMA knockouts, and hilarious bloopers the internet has to offer. So for scores and commentary go elsewhere. But, for the meatiest highlights in the sporting world, welcome home.

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Hustler Of The Year Play Video

Hustler Of The Year 27 months ago

Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving dresses up as a convincing old man and...

Lingerie Football Girl Fail Play Video

Lingerie Football Girl Fail 27 months ago

This chick just learned out the hard way that the Philadelphia Passion Ling...

Most Awesome Bike Fails Play Video

Most Awesome Bike Fails 27 months ago

No matter if it's BMX, Mountain Biking, or just messin' around - sometimes ...

Attack Speed Play Video

Attack Speed 27 months ago

Attack Speed

The Ultimate Frisbee Catch Play Video

The Ultimate Frisbee Catch 27 months ago

In a professional game of Ultimate Frisbee Brent Anderson makes an impossib...

World's Unluckiest Couple Play Video

World's Unluckiest Couple 27 months ago

If you watch close enough the ball actually strikes three people. It first...

Half Time Dunk Fail Play Video

Half Time Dunk Fail 27 months ago

Poor guy was fooled into thinking this was some type of magic trampoline.

Top 10 Parkour Fails Play Video

Top 10 Parkour Fails 27 months ago

Flips, Jumps, Back-flips and Falls... it's all fun and games until some one...

Steeplechase Fail Play Video

Steeplechase Fail 27 months ago

It's not possible to get any further from clearing a Steeplechase hurdle th...

Riders Are Awesome Play Video

Riders Are Awesome 28 months ago

Just some incredible footage of riders landing amazing stunts over the past...

Ball Player Makes Boy Cry Play Video

Ball Player Makes Boy Cry 28 months ago

This kid is sent into tears when his favorite ball player, Josh Beckett, ha...

One In A Million Shot Play Video

One In A Million Shot 28 months ago

Armands Skele makes an impossible half court behind the back three pointer ...

The Amazing Beer Mile Play Video

The Amazing Beer Mile 28 months ago

In Australia, there is an event where you must chug a beer, run a lap, then...