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Nets, bats, fields and balls. These are the things most people associate with sports. Here at break you will find the best sports accidents, MMA knockouts, and hilarious bloopers the internet has to offer. So for scores and commentary go elsewhere. But, for the meatiest highlights in the sporting world, welcome home.

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Sport Bike Crashes Play Video

Sport Bike Crashes 67 months ago

Sport Biking Can Be Dangerous, But It's Worth Every Ounce Of Your Time And ...

All-Star Challenge Play Video

All-Star Challenge 67 months ago

Four finalists, Lloren Sanders, Jamal Pierre, Isaac Alvarez and Curtis Scot...

All-Star Challenge Finals Play Video

All-Star Challenge Finals 67 months ago

#3 seeded Lloren Sanders faces off in the finals against #1 seed Jamal Pier...

Jam Session Play Video

Jam Session 67 months ago

Break invades the 2009 NBA All-Star Jam Session, courtesy of T-Mobile, to u...

Rookie Challenge Play Video

Rookie Challenge 67 months ago

Break goes to the NBA All-Star game in Phoenix Arizona courtesy of T-Mobile...

Italian Girls Soccer Play Video

Italian Girls Soccer 67 months ago

Women Playing Soccer, In Bikinis, With Helmets, On A Slip N Slide Ring...Yo...

Limbless Wrestler Play Video

Limbless Wrestler 68 months ago

Dustin Carter wrestles with no limbs against a wrestler with limbs. The re...

Speed Riding Footage Play Video

Speed Riding Footage 68 months ago

Skiing With A Parachute. How Could You Go Wrong With That?

Referee Has Wheels Play Video

Referee Has Wheels 68 months ago

This referee takes a shot at one of the players and drops him on his back t...

Ode To Skateboarding Fails Play Video

Ode To Skateboarding Fails 68 months ago

Skateboarding tricks are equally as awesome as crashes, and here are more t...

Break Gallery CCLXXVI View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXXVI 68 months ago

Break Gallery 276 is loaded with awesome pics from all over the web. This ...

Motocross Crash x 2 Play Video

Motocross Crash x 2 68 months ago

Two Insane Motocross Crashes plus a broken femur to follow.

The Urban Ninja Play Video

The Urban Ninja 68 months ago

Crazy Moves From One Of the Best Parkour Free Runners

The Jam Session Play Video

The Jam Session 68 months ago

Break invades the 2009 NBA Jam Session, courtesy of T-Mobile, to uncover it...

Snowmobiler Jumps Dam Play Video

Snowmobiler Jumps Dam 68 months ago

This Pro Snomobiler Manages to Jump A Dam And Glide Through the Water!

Tae Kwon Do KO Play Video

Tae Kwon Do KO 68 months ago

This Is Why You Don't Fight With Someone Better Than You.

Break Gallery CCLXXIV View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXXIV 68 months ago

Break Gallery 274 is guaranteed to keep you busy over the weekend. There ar...