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Nets, bats, fields and balls. These are the things most people associate with sports. Here at break you will find the best sports accidents, MMA knockouts, and hilarious bloopers the internet has to offer. So for scores and commentary go elsewhere. But, for the meatiest highlights in the sporting world, welcome home.

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Luckiest Rally Car Fan Ever Play Video

Luckiest Rally Car Fan Ever 83 months ago

Ive seen a lot of Rally car close calls but this one may be the closest. Th...

How I broke my pelvis Play Video

How I broke my pelvis 83 months ago

This snowboarder gets some pretty good hang time off the jump but lands awk...

Perfectly Executed Ramp Jump Play Video

Perfectly Executed Ramp Jump 83 months ago

This kid builds up some speed then executes a jump perfectly. Oh wait no he...

David vs Goliath Play Video

David vs Goliath 83 months ago

This is another David vs Goliath fight however, this time the little dude a...

mountainbike dirtjump crash Play Video

mountainbike dirtjump crash 83 months ago

This might be one of the hardest faceplants all year. This guy doesnt pick...

Hockey Player Goes Flying Play Video

Hockey Player Goes Flying 83 months ago

Minnesota Wild Marian Gaborik tripped by Detroit Red Wings goaltender Domin...

Rally Car Makes 171 Foot Jump Play Video

Rally Car Makes 171 Foot Jump 83 months ago

This dude makes an incredible 171 foot jump in his rally car. Its kinda we...

Lucky Camera Man Play Video

Lucky Camera Man 83 months ago

Got to give this cameraman some credit for having a pretty steady hand as a...

Incredible Field Goal Block Play Video

Incredible Field Goal Block 83 months ago

The linebacker literally jumped over the offensive line just as the ball is...

The Circle Of Death Play Video

The Circle Of Death 83 months ago

This is a pretty sweet stunt. A couple cars and motorcycles pick up enough...

Best Penalty Of The Year Play Video

Best Penalty Of The Year 83 months ago

This has to be the best description to a penalty I have ever heard.

Failed Attempt At 360 In Pipe Play Video

Failed Attempt At 360 In Pipe 83 months ago

Some dude tries and fails twice at doing a full 360 inside of a large const...

Awesome Kick Boxing Knockout Play Video

Awesome Kick Boxing Knockout 83 months ago

This has got to be one of the best knockouts I have ever seen. The one dud...

Trick Does Not Go Well Play Video

Trick Does Not Go Well 84 months ago

This guy just lost his ability to breed. Maybe thats a good thing.

Gymnast Has Rough Landing Play Video

Gymnast Has Rough Landing 84 months ago

A gymnast does an excellent job at running, twisting, and flipping. If onl...

Sled Needs Longer Runway Play Video

Sled Needs Longer Runway 84 months ago

General rule of thumb you dont want to go sledding somewhere that has a gia...

Back Flip Wrestling Move Play Video

Back Flip Wrestling Move 84 months ago

Right when you think this guy is about to be taken down he pulls one of the...

STREAKER! At Beckham Game! Play Video

STREAKER! At Beckham Game! 84 months ago

Probably one of the funnier streaking videos Ive seen in a long time at a r...

Snowboarder Takes Out Model Play Video

Snowboarder Takes Out Model 84 months ago

Danish catwalk model posing the seasons new jackets gets clipped by a snowb...

A Near Perfect Faceplant Play Video

A Near Perfect Faceplant 84 months ago

Some kid tries to jump off the edge of a driveway on a bike but ends up fal...