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Nets, bats, fields and balls. These are the things most people associate with sports. Here at break you will find the best sports accidents, MMA knockouts, and hilarious bloopers the internet has to offer. So for scores and commentary go elsewhere. But, for the meatiest highlights in the sporting world, welcome home.

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Reporter Gets Crushed By Car Play Video

Reporter Gets Crushed By Car 85 months ago

A car loses control and slams into a concrete wall. A reporter doesnt get ...

Amazing Base Jump Play Video

Amazing Base Jump 85 months ago

These guys jump off a mountain with wingsuits and fly downward just a few f...

Time To Fire Your Welder Play Video

Time To Fire Your Welder 85 months ago

This guy attempts to punch the gas in a drag race but instead he quickly di...

One In A Million Wipeout Play Video

One In A Million Wipeout 85 months ago

Well its rare we would ever post footage from a dude playing a video game b...

Skull Vs Concrete Play Video

Skull Vs Concrete 85 months ago

I think this might be one of my favorite wipeouts ever. Some kid hits his ...

Rebound Faceplant Play Video

Rebound Faceplant 85 months ago

Guy goes up to the boards for a rebound and comes down hard on his head. Ou...

South Korea LCD Crowd Play Video

South Korea LCD Crowd 85 months ago

This is absolutely amazing! This is a clip of the spectators during a socc...

Brutal Knockout Punch Play Video

Brutal Knockout Punch 86 months ago

This kid literally gets owned for the first 90 seconds of the fight and the...

Exercise Ball To The Face Play Video

Exercise Ball To The Face 86 months ago

This poor unsuspecting kid is minding his own business setting the table fo...

Treadmill Snowboarding Play Video

Treadmill Snowboarding 86 months ago

With winter right around the corner you gotta start practicing. And when sn...

Soccer Ball Nails Kid In Face Play Video

Soccer Ball Nails Kid In Face 86 months ago

Some dude takes a full kick on a soccer ball and it nails his buddy perfect...

Pro Wrestler Rips On Chick Play Video

Pro Wrestler Rips On Chick 86 months ago

Some chick yells out at a semi-pro wrestler during a match and the wrestler...

Huge Snowboard Jump Play Video

Huge Snowboard Jump 86 months ago

A snowboarder lands an insane drop off a giant mountain!

New Rally Car Flip Record Play Video

New Rally Car Flip Record 86 months ago

Just when you thought these guys couldnt suck at driving anymore some dude ...

Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher Play Video

Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher 86 months ago

I cannot even remember the last time I played whiffle ball. I dont know if ...

Wrestler Faceplants Into Stairs Play Video

Wrestler Faceplants Into Stairs 86 months ago

An absolutely shocking video of a pro wrestler jumping off the high rope, f...

Dude In Sumo Suit Vs Car Play Video

Dude In Sumo Suit Vs Car 86 months ago

A guy dressed up in a large sumo suit does a flying bodyslam on a moving mi...

I Suck At Fantasy Football Play Video

I Suck At Fantasy Football 86 months ago

Its almost as if these guys wrote this song for me. Maybe if I had some ...

Gymnastics High Bar Accident Play Video

Gymnastics High Bar Accident 86 months ago

Some gymnast has a rough high bar routine, does anyone know what was suppos...

Yet Another Trampoline Accident Play Video

Yet Another Trampoline Accident 86 months ago

Some French guy takes a bad bounce off a trampoline and is knocked out cold...

Rally Car Roll Over Play Video

Rally Car Roll Over 86 months ago

Check out how many times this rally car flips over before finally coming to...