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Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Play Video

Hawaiian Sailing Canoe 74 months ago

Racing from Molokai to Oahu on a design similar to what the ancient Hawaiia...

2002 GPF Ex Sex Bomb Play Video

2002 GPF Ex Sex Bomb 74 months ago

Season 20012002 2002 Grand Prix Final, Kitchener, Canada 2nd place

Maui Paddleboard Race Play Video

Maui Paddleboard Race 74 months ago

Warm-up race on Maui's north Shore for world championships of long distance...

Rakka by Scyzor Play Video

Rakka by Scyzor 74 months ago

Scyzor of Street Legends. Ruud Boss move Rakka.

Triple Akka by Zloty Play Video

Triple Akka by Zloty 74 months ago

Zloty of Street Legends. Triple akka combo.. first one in the world to be d...

snowmobile on water Play Video

snowmobile on water 74 months ago

feb18,2008 dorset,ontario.canada's water skipping capital