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A lab full of expensive equipment and tired looking grad student--this is most people's idea of where experimentation takes place. Break videos throw out the students and replace the lab with a kitchen or garage. Using beer bottles instead of test tubes, Break's experimentation videos prove that the scientific drive is not limited to labs and universities but lives on in the homes of science enthusiasts and curious people around the world. These new Newtons strive to discover something new about the world, or at the very least get a nice explosion out of their experiments.

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Sulfur Hexafluoride Blooper Play Video

Sulfur Hexafluoride Blooper 44 months ago

This one is a classic. Wasn't sure at first why he was wearing the safety ...

Awesome Kid's Room Marble Run Play Video

Awesome Kid's Room Marble Run 44 months ago

Your parents were right, kid! Having an awesome marble run in your room is ...

Break Gallery CCCLXXIX View Gallery

Break Gallery CCCLXXIX 53 months ago

Break Gallery 379! Avatar babes, Mario fails, Epic Smokers, and many more....

Dancing Frog Leg Trick Play Video

Dancing Frog Leg Trick 53 months ago

This little trick is not nearly as disgusting as the ...

Students Experiment Fails Play Video

Students Experiment Fails 53 months ago

Dutch students test out a decibelmeter by shooting carbide in their living ...

Domino Building Lego Machine Play Video

Domino Building Lego Machine 55 months ago

This guy made a cool machine out of nothing but legos that distributes domi...

Metal That Remembers Play Video

Metal That Remembers 56 months ago

This is an awesome demonstration of a technique you can use in your daily l...

Most People Are Not Observant Play Video

Most People Are Not Observant 56 months ago

Can't say I am at all surprised with the results of this Harvard experiment...

Diet Coke And Mentos Play Video

Diet Coke And Mentos 57 months ago

Two guys in lab coats, surrounded by tons of Diet Coke and Mentos orchestra...

Jet-Powered Merry-Go-Round Play Video

Jet-Powered Merry-Go-Round 58 months ago

Thanks to modern technology, one of your most dangerous childhood dreams ju...

Bob McFerrin Hacks Your Brain Play Video

Bob McFerrin Hacks Your Brain 60 months ago

I been holding on to this one for a week or so and I keep going back to it ...

Break Gallery CCCI View Gallery

Break Gallery CCCI 62 months ago

Break Gallery 301 Is Jam Packed With Nothing But Absolute Hilarity. Its Gu...