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Science is for nerds and rejects. This school yard mantra has been proven wrong again and again throughout history. From genius inventors, to mathematical prodigies who redefine the way humans see the world, science and scientists have changed the face of the earth. Break's science category features the craziest experiments ever caught on video. From home tests on beer bottles, to high school lab accidents these videos will inspire and terrify. For climate change statistics, you're going to have to go somewhere else. Only mad scientists and terrible science fails here.

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Chicago Blizzard Play Video

Chicago Blizzard 33 months ago

blizzard footage from a crazy storm



Hey Everybody it's Mike Polk for Newsfeed and let me tell ya, it has been m...

How To Make Fire From Ice Play Video

How To Make Fire From Ice 36 months ago

I am not an expert at pyrotechnics but anyone else a little suspicious on h...


WORLD YOUTH DAY 36 months ago

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. If you’re looking for something to do thi...

Cool Science Trick Play Video

Cool Science Trick 37 months ago

This is a cool science trick that uses colored corn syrup to show how subst...

Applied Sciences 101 Play Video

Applied Sciences 101 37 months ago

Science can be used to unlock the mysteries of the Universe, but that’s a g...

Water Rocket To The Face Play Video

Water Rocket To The Face 38 months ago

If he'd taken a rocket to the face in the name of science, this would've be...

Asteroid Misses Earth Play Video

Asteroid Misses Earth 38 months ago

Asteroid Misses Earth on Newsfeed -An asteroid 30 feet wide missed the eart...

Ocean Levels Play Video

Ocean Levels 38 months ago

Ocean Levels on Newsfeed -Scientists are freaking out about the ocean again...

Stephen Hawking Quotes Play Video

Stephen Hawking Quotes 40 months ago

Stephen Hawking Quotes on Newsfeed - Stephen Hawking is one quotable guy. ...