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T-Shirt Frozen in Minnesota Play Video

T-Shirt Frozen in Minnesota 3 months ago

Minnesota experienced some of the coldest weather in decades, with actual t...

Die printer Play Video

Die printer 3 months ago

Printer vs. Fireworks 0-1

La Diluizione Play Video

La Diluizione 3 months ago

in questo video viene spiegato come calcolare il volume di acqua distillata...

UFO Play Video

UFO 3 months ago

Kuvattu yöllä outo liikkuva esine mäenrinteeltä.Siinä ei juurikaan valoa ol...

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

IDology’s ExpectID Play Video

IDology’s ExpectID 4 months ago

This 2 minute video shows how IDology's knowledge based authentication (KBA...