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Science is for nerds and rejects. This school yard mantra has been proven wrong again and again throughout history. From genius inventors, to mathematical prodigies who redefine the way humans see the world, science and scientists have changed the face of the earth. Break's science category features the craziest experiments ever caught on video. From home tests on beer bottles, to high school lab accidents these videos will inspire and terrify. For climate change statistics, you're going to have to go somewhere else. Only mad scientists and terrible science fails here.

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Paper Folding To The Moon Play Video

Paper Folding To The Moon 27 months ago

A piece of paper is .001cm thick. If you fold it in half it becomes .002cm...

Massive K'Nex Machine Play Video

Massive K'Nex Machine 27 months ago

This might be the most massive and thorough K'Nex machine we've ever seen. ...

11 Insane X Rays View Gallery

11 Insane X Rays 27 months ago

Did you hear the story of that old guy who said he was hanging curtains in ...

Crazy Water Optical Illusion Play Video

Crazy Water Optical Illusion 27 months ago

This is a stroboscopic illusion where the water is effected by sound waves ...

A Rolling, High-Jumping Robot Play Video

A Rolling, High-Jumping Robot 28 months ago

This is how they get us, people. They learn to walk, roll, and now high jum...

Flying Like A Bird Play Video

Flying Like A Bird 28 months ago

Man has tried for hundreds of years to mimic a bird's wing flaps to achieve...

Space Shuttle Booster POV Play Video

Space Shuttle Booster POV 28 months ago

This awesome video shows you what it's like to be a booster on a space shut...

The Evolution Of The Moon Play Video

The Evolution Of The Moon 28 months ago

This awesome video from NASA details how our moon came to look the way it d...

Flying Delorean Quadracopter Play Video

Flying Delorean Quadracopter 28 months ago

These tiny flying machines are pretty popular right now, but this guy knew ...

We Stopped Dreaming Play Video

We Stopped Dreaming 28 months ago

I think it's worth half a penny. Anyone else?

What Is Leap Year? Play Video

What Is Leap Year? 29 months ago

Great little clip that explains why everyone has to go to work an extra day...

The Periodic Table Table Play Video

The Periodic Table Table 29 months ago

This guy loves science so much that he spent years working on a Periodic Ta...