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Science is for nerds and rejects. This school yard mantra has been proven wrong again and again throughout history. From genius inventors, to mathematical prodigies who redefine the way humans see the world, science and scientists have changed the face of the earth. Break's science category features the craziest experiments ever caught on video. From home tests on beer bottles, to high school lab accidents these videos will inspire and terrify. For climate change statistics, you're going to have to go somewhere else. Only mad scientists and terrible science fails here.

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Fun With Electricity Play Video

Fun With Electricity 18 months ago

No one can resist the allure of touching a horribly painful security fence

The Future Is Ours Play Video

The Future Is Ours 19 months ago

The world only sucks sometimes. The rest of the time it’s full of potentia...

Molten Nickel > Nickelback Play Video

Molten Nickel > Nickelback 20 months ago

If you do this with liquid gold it sounds like a guy trying to buy your scr...

Tesla Battle Play Video

Tesla Battle 22 months ago

You've been welcomed to the Thunderdome. Now, be welcomed to the Lightningd...

Midnight Train to Space Play Video

Midnight Train to Space 24 months ago

This would have had a much different ending if it landed in traffic somewhe...