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A true friend will compliment you and shares your beliefs and feelings. Break's true friends will bail you out of a Tijuana jail at 4am, no questions asked. Real friends will prank you to get a laugh and know that retribution will come. These friendship videos define what being a friend and/or roommate is in modern times, before kids and spouses enter the fray and friends become the family that you can choose. So learn how to keep these friends through great Break friendship videos.

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I'm In Your Bed, Jay Play Video

I'm In Your Bed, Jay 44 months ago

A guy creates a disturbing video for his roommate who is on vacation. Psych...

20 Second Handshake Play Video

20 Second Handshake 52 months ago

Take the time to show you really care with a 20-second handshake.

Party Sobriety Test Fail Play Video

Party Sobriety Test Fail 56 months ago

You, too, can help prevent party fouls by performing this simple test on yo...

Buddy Caught In the Act Play Video

Buddy Caught In the Act 76 months ago

These guys get the key to their buddy's room from the RA and bust in him wi...

Brosearch Episode 4 Play Video

Brosearch Episode 4 76 months ago

Will Blaire, who can't even drive a stick, make the cut as Chuck's new bro?...

Fewer Dropped Calls Play Video

Fewer Dropped Calls 87 months ago

This guy has obviously reached a boiling point so instead of chasing after ...

Spidey Cops A Feel Play Video

Spidey Cops A Feel 88 months ago

I know this is pretty simple and silly but it really made me crack up. Some...