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Nerd Dating 101 Play Video

Nerd Dating 101 24 months ago

"Not to sound like I have a big head, but I was once in one of the top guil...

How To Almost Pick Up Chicks Play Video

How To Almost Pick Up Chicks 24 months ago

This dude could learn a thing or two from the guy in the background 1:38 in...

Lap Dance Interrupted Play Video

Lap Dance Interrupted 24 months ago

This dude wins a lap dance which causes him to forget about his girlfriend ...

Double Pool Deck Fail Play Video

Double Pool Deck Fail 24 months ago

This dude attempts to catch his girlfriend from falling only to prove yet a...

Love Is Pain View Image

Love Is Pain 25 months ago

A couple kissing while holding swords

Work It View Image

Work It 25 months ago

A funny e-card about flirting/ stalking

Mud Luv View Image

Mud Luv 25 months ago

A couple taking a mud bath

Innocence View Image

Innocence 25 months ago

A little guy about to give flowers to his girl

How Can Love Be A Sin? View Image

How Can Love Be A Sin? 25 months ago

A lesbian couple making out in front of a protestor

Spring Break Play Video

Spring Break 26 months ago

New fragrance for women.

The Flip Side Play Video

The Flip Side 26 months ago

Imagine a world in which women acted like guys and men were chicks. Before ...

Ouch View Image

Ouch 26 months ago

A person trolling someone on iPhone

Main Squeeze View Image

Main Squeeze 26 months ago

A tough dude holding on a to a girlfriend pillow

Love Knows No Bounds View Image

Love Knows No Bounds 27 months ago

An old man and a woman walking down the street

Norwegian Gothic View Image

Norwegian Gothic 27 months ago

A couple in the freezing cold with a shovel

Big Hair 1-9-2011 View Image

Big Hair 1-9-2011 27 months ago

It's a double date. He has to take her and her hair out.

Walda And Javier View Image

Walda And Javier 27 months ago

A dude holding onto a photoshopped anime character