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What is life without love, right? The love of good women, and even good men, can right all the wrongs and make the world seem as if it's singing. Of course when these relationships go wrong that love can taint even the clearest waters. Break forgets the roses and chocolates in favor of weird couples, dying relationships, bedroom behavior that would make a sex ed teachers blush, and the worst dates of all time. Whether its just friends, single and loving it, or happily committed, Break's relationship videos remind everyone about the weirdest moments in any relationship.

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"Bad Sex" Play Video

"Bad Sex" 22 months ago

A different take on last night's encounter from the other side of the bed.....

In Descent Proposal Play Video

In Descent Proposal 25 months ago

The best proposals are the ones that happen after she fear craps her pants....

Break PSA: Used Condoms Play Video

Break PSA: Used Condoms 25 months ago

We understand wanting to save a few dollars, but watch this PSA and learn w...

Zombie Wedding Play Video

Zombie Wedding 28 months ago

This video shows you just exactly what a zombie themed wedding looks like. ...

Hooking Up Play Video

Hooking Up 28 months ago

Don't let hooking up turn into an epic fail. Presented by Sony VAIO.

Breaking Up Play Video

Breaking Up 28 months ago

Breaking up shouldn't be so awkward. Presented by Sony VAIO.

Speed Dating Play Video

Speed Dating 28 months ago

That awkward moment when a funny internet video just described your sex lif...

So This Happened Again Play Video

So This Happened Again 28 months ago

Apparently, no one in the bridal party managed to learn anything from ...

Nerd Dating 101 Play Video

Nerd Dating 101 28 months ago

"Not to sound like I have a big head, but I was once in one of the top guil...

Nerd Dating 101 Play Video

Nerd Dating 101 29 months ago

“Not to sound like I have a big head, but I was once in one of the top guil...

Super Mario Proposal Play Video

Super Mario Proposal 29 months ago

This might seem really geeky but I have been planning on doing the same thi...

Awkward Wedding Ceremony Play Video

Awkward Wedding Ceremony 29 months ago

The wedding officiant finds the perfect spot to lose her place while readin...