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What is life without love, right? The love of good women, and even good men, can right all the wrongs and make the world seem as if it's singing. Of course when these relationships go wrong that love can taint even the clearest waters. Break forgets the roses and chocolates in favor of weird couples, dying relationships, bedroom behavior that would make a sex ed teachers blush, and the worst dates of all time. Whether its just friends, single and loving it, or happily committed, Break's relationship videos remind everyone about the weirdest moments in any relationship.

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Sexting Gone Wrong Play Video

Sexting Gone Wrong 13 months ago

Romance blossoms over cell phone texting then fizzles.

Why Do We Kiss? Play Video

Why Do We Kiss? 13 months ago

Hank gets all up in your face about kissing -- where does it come from, why...

SPOT ADWORDS 2.wmv Play Video

SPOT ADWORDS 2.wmv 14 months ago

Incontri per single ed agenzia matrimoniale

Epic Pregnancy Announcement Play Video

Epic Pregnancy Announcement 14 months ago

Ironic that you get a bun in the oven after visiting the sausage festival.

How Guys Deal With Breakups Play Video

How Guys Deal With Breakups 15 months ago

After a breakup you should always talk to your bro, he knows exactly what y...