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First Date Escape Play Video

First Date Escape 24 months ago

There's only one way to end this disaster...

Colors of the sexes View Image

Colors of the sexes 24 months ago

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

What? View Image

What? 24 months ago

She's asleep, dude, lay off

Episode 3- Down the Hatch Play Video

Episode 3- Down the Hatch 24 months ago

Steve and his friends hit the bottle... and the bottle hits back. Music c...

LifeMates- Wiping Too Hard Play Video

LifeMates- Wiping Too Hard 24 months ago

Soop has no boundaries when it comes to giving Santos advice on his wiping ...

Wisdom View Image

Wisdom 24 months ago

Wise words

Apartmentship - The Visitor Play Video

Apartmentship - The Visitor 24 months ago

(http-// Got a stage 5 clinger? Then take a note f...

Apartmentship - The Stalk Play Video

Apartmentship - The Stalk 24 months ago

(http-// Andrew from apartment 7F likes to chalk h...

Apartmentship - The Borrow Play Video

Apartmentship - The Borrow 24 months ago

(http-// Roommate problems are nothing uncommon. F...

Love of Bacon: Slip N Slide View Image

Love of Bacon: Slip N Slide 24 months ago

If the smell of bacon makes you want to pork, you might be a pig (zing!)

LifeMates- Act of Valor Play Video

LifeMates- Act of Valor 24 months ago

Santos watches Act of Valor and gets the sudden urge to become a Navy Seal....

How to Pick Up Women Play Video

How to Pick Up Women 24 months ago

How to Pick Up Women Buy the Book Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense ...

Episode 2- Crybaby Play Video

Episode 2- Crybaby 24 months ago

The reality of Steves recent break up sets in. Thankfully he has two friend...