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What is life without love, right? The love of good women, and even good men, can right all the wrongs and make the world seem as if it's singing. Of course when these relationships go wrong that love can taint even the clearest waters. Break forgets the roses and chocolates in favor of weird couples, dying relationships, bedroom behavior that would make a sex ed teachers blush, and the worst dates of all time. Whether its just friends, single and loving it, or happily committed, Break's relationship videos remind everyone about the weirdest moments in any relationship.

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I'm In Your Bed, Jay Play Video

I'm In Your Bed, Jay 45 months ago

A guy creates a disturbing video for his roommate who is on vacation. Psych...

Wedding Dance Move Fail Play Video

Wedding Dance Move Fail 45 months ago

I'm pretty sure they rehearsed this move before the dance. She had to have ...

Wedding Entrance Fail Play Video

Wedding Entrance Fail 46 months ago

This dude just wanted to get everyone's attention on his wedding entrance a...

  Wedding Photographer Fail Play Video

Wedding Photographer Fail 23 months ago

Funny how the bride and groom just walk on by until they realize the ...

25 Weird Family Photos View Gallery

25 Weird Family Photos 51 months ago

Your family is normal only until another family sees your photos and posts ...

The Better Marriage Blanket Play Video

The Better Marriage Blanket 52 months ago

With special technology used by the military to combat chemical weapons, th...

Your Top Five List Play Video

Your Top Five List 52 months ago

A couple sits down and talks about who is on their Top 5 free pass cheat li...

20 Second Handshake Play Video

20 Second Handshake 53 months ago

Take the time to show you really care with a 20-second handshake.

Epic Wedding Invite Play Video

Epic Wedding Invite 55 months ago

While you're saving the date, they're busy saving the world. You probably w...

Yet Another Wedding Brawl Play Video

Yet Another Wedding Brawl 55 months ago

Wow. They are really serious about RSVPs at this wedding. If you didn't RSV...