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What is life without love, right? The love of good women, and even good men, can right all the wrongs and make the world seem as if it's singing. Of course when these relationships go wrong that love can taint even the clearest waters. Break forgets the roses and chocolates in favor of weird couples, dying relationships, bedroom behavior that would make a sex ed teachers blush, and the worst dates of all time. Whether its just friends, single and loving it, or happily committed, Break's relationship videos remind everyone about the weirdest moments in any relationship.

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First Date Escape Play Video

First Date Escape 29 months ago

There's only one way to end this disaster...

Double Pool Deck Fail Play Video

Double Pool Deck Fail 29 months ago

This dude attempts to catch his girlfriend from falling only to prove yet a...

Crazy Marriage Proposal Play Video

Crazy Marriage Proposal 30 months ago

This has to be one of the most original and coolest marriage proposals I ha...

Brothers Play Video

Brothers 30 months ago

This guy won't let his brother's battle with muscular dystrophy get in thei...

Spring Break Play Video

Spring Break 31 months ago

New fragrance for women.

Groom Pukes At The Altar Play Video

Groom Pukes At The Altar 31 months ago

I'm just happy that the bride reconsidered catching it. Love might be a lo...

The Flip Side Play Video

The Flip Side 31 months ago

Imagine a world in which women acted like guys and men were chicks. Before ...

Surprise Wedding Dance Play Video

Surprise Wedding Dance 32 months ago

I just feel bad for the bride who had to sit through an entire Justin Biebe...

Bride Sets Flowers On Fire Play Video

Bride Sets Flowers On Fire 32 months ago

Poor little flower girl waited the entire day to hand the bride her flowers...

Words With Pictures 6 View Gallery

Words With Pictures 6 33 months ago

Words With Pictures 6 is the sixth installment of the highly acclaimed seri...

A Meme Proposal Play Video

A Meme Proposal 33 months ago

This guy grabs just about every meme on the internet and uses them in a uni...

Crazy Girlfriend Revenge Play Video

Crazy Girlfriend Revenge 33 months ago

It's not cool to push girls, but we will give you a pass this one time beca...

Words With Pictures 4 View Gallery

Words With Pictures 4 33 months ago

Words With Pictures is back! We take funny pictures, and add funny messages...

Bride Answers Text At Altar Play Video

Bride Answers Text At Altar 35 months ago

Most fathers find it very difficult to give their daughters away on their w...

Short Film In Fake English Play Video

Short Film In Fake English 35 months ago

This film was made using fake English for all the dialogue. It’s like talki...

Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong Play Video

Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong 36 months ago

Not everyone can dance their way through a marriage proposal. Maybe that's ...