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Video games have risen from obscure afterthought of electronics, to one of the largest and most profitable forms of media in the world. From their humble beginnings video games are now ultra immersive online frag fests. Featuring some of the most recognizable icons anywhere such like Mario, Master Chief, Mega Man, and Max Payne. Break has the very best game trailers, frag videos, and insane glitches that one can find anywhere.

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Skyrim: Marriage Guide Play Video

Skyrim: Marriage Guide 32 months ago

Marriage Starter's Guide 1. To get married, you'll first need the Amulet...

Batman: Arkham CIty Play Video

Batman: Arkham CIty 34 months ago

Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batm...

Real Life Fruit Ninja Play Video

Real Life Fruit Ninja 38 months ago

Some of us are much more serious about Fruit Ninja than others. Yep, for so...

Best Games of E3 2011 Play Video

Best Games of E3 2011 39 months ago

Best Games of E3 2011 on Newsfeed - The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3...

New  Wii Controller Released Play Video

New Wii Controller Released 39 months ago

New Wii Controller Released on Newsfeed - The Nintendo Wii revolutionized ...

E3 Expo Preview Play Video

E3 Expo Preview 39 months ago

E3 Expo Preview on Newsfeed -Nerds are salivating everywhere just at the th...

COD Black Ops Epic Kill Shot Play Video

COD Black Ops Epic Kill Shot 39 months ago

This kid gets the most insanely lucky kill shot, to win a Black Ops match, ...

New Rage Trailer Play Video

New Rage Trailer 42 months ago

Doom, Quake, and now Rage. FPS's have never looked so good.

Crysis 2 Story Trailer Play Video

Crysis 2 Story Trailer 42 months ago

Be Strong, Be Fast! If you haven't played Crysis yet, I recommend you do s...